About me

My name is Jacky de Bruine, a fan of the extreme long distance.
I love the thrill of seeing pigeons come home from these great distances.
Since moving to my current address in 2011, I have focused on these flights.
The absolute highlights were: 1st National Barcelona 2018 and 2nd National Barcelona 2019.

Some results from 2014


Barcelona 1151.564 km
Perpignan 1007.974 km
Pau 981.985 km
St.Vincent 973.013 km
Marseille 960.689 km
Narbonne 948.360 km
Agen 891.052 km


1e Nationaal Barcelona ZLU
2e Nationaal Barcelona ZLU
26e Nationaal Barcelona ZLU
12e Nationaal NPO Bordeaux
18e Nationaal Marseille ZLU
34e Nationaal Pau ZLU
52e Nationaal Perpignan ZLU
62e Nationaal Agen ZLU jl
68e Nationaal Agen ZLU O
75e Nationaal Narbonne ZLU
84e Nationaal Agen ZLU O
98e Nationaal Pau ZLU
106e Nationaal Barcelona ZLU
154e Nationaal Barcelona ZLU